Re Creations Pte Ltd


About Us

Established in Singapore since 2003, we are an authorised printer for the Ezlink Cepas Card, NETS FlashPay Card as well as the NETS CashCard. Our services include corporate design requirement as well as unique packaging concept development.


Growth And Expansion РSince our incorporation, we have attracted interest nation-wide serving a wide spectrum of customers ranging from government agencies, to large MNCs and sole proprietors. We have continued to expand our offering and is constantly on the lookout for ideal partnership collaboration.

  • NETS Flashpay Cards
  • Ezlink Cards
  • Cashcards

Our Card Solutions :
– Printing of Ezlink Cepas Card, NETS CashCard, NETS FlashPay Card and Plastic cards
– Mail merge for card membership personalization
– Printing of Card Holders and Envelopes
– Lettershopping (inserting, labeling and sealing), Sorting & Mailing